We make customer service simple. 

The right people.

The right processes.

The right technology.



ROI averages 60% for our clients. Sometimes ROI exceeds  100%!​

Hypergrowth startup needed people to help respond to customers. FAST. The Workforce Pro team jumped in to help out, and delivered ROI of 76%. Our client also walked away with fully developed e-training that's still used today to on board new hires.
Employees were not feeling heard, and this led to high turnover and dissatisfied employees. The Workforce Pro introduced an employee listening system that held leadership accountable for following up on employee recommendations. This process also served as a way to have consistent feedback to share with the rest of the business during meetings and updates. This process reduced attrition from 1-2 employees per month, to 1-2 employees per year! Employees able to handle more contacts per hour as a result of their experience, delivering ROI of over 120%.
Company using CRM that they'd outgrown. The Workforce Pro created a list of requirements used to interview potential partners. Once the right technology partner was identified, we implemented the new system and trained users.  With the automated workflows created, more than 10% of tickets were automatically resolved, resulting in about 3k less messages to respond to. ROI delivered exceeded 70%.
Our client was a long time user of the Zendesk platform. The system was setup by an employee who was no longer with the company. The Workforce Pro documented the current setup, and implemented improvements on the platform to respond to more tickets with fewer touches, configured live chat and Zendesk talk to create one source of truth for customer touch points. Our client increased their tickets handled by 10%, which resulted in an ROI of close to 60%.


It'll be easy, they said. You can do it in no time, they told you. And now, here you are, growing new gray hairs trying to figure out how to create the best customer AND employee experience.

Let's start with some harsh truths:

It's really hard to find good people for your customer service team. It's even more challenging to keep them. With more than 20 years in building optimal customer experiences, we know why this happens and we know what you need to do to overcome this hurdle.

What works for one customer service person, won't work when you have ten. Maturing your customer service team is a project in itself. Your first customer service hire, may not be the best person to set policy or process, but they have a ton of tribal knowledge. We can take that tribal knowledge, and combine it with best practices to help you service more customers with the same or fewer people.

Your CRM is probably not optimized. SaaS companies do a great job of selling you on why their solution is amazing, but they're not always great at making the system work for your particular use case. We have the patience to build and configure your system specifically for your business.

Hiring temps is killing your budget. Your mark up for temps is close to 40%, and once you train them and get them functional, you probably don't need them anymore. Leverage our team, and since we're working internally, we will be able to help improve or build your training, enhance your systems and find other ways to be more efficient, all for a lesser price tag.

The Workforce Pro focuses on the four main components of contact centers: Workforce Management, Learning & Development (Training), Support by Channel (Phones, Live Chat, Emails and Social Media) and Quality Assurance.

As your Customer Experience Business Partner, we take you from concept to execution seamlessly.


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