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Differentiate your product or service with amazing customer experiences and ready your business for scale with us!

We fancy ourselves customer experience architects... we build, fix or improve contact centers, and all components within:

  • Ticketing systems & Help Centers

  • Omnichannel strategy (chat, phones, email, social)

  • Workforce Management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

We create Customer Experience processes that scale for fast-growing companies, or those looking to simply do it right.

All successful businesses have one thing in common: they all have customers, and those customers need to be supported. Support comes in many ways: phone calls, email, live chat, messaging apps or social media. No matter how, you'll need the right people, the right processes and the right technology.

Contrary to popular belief, great customer experiences aren't built by one person; it takes a team. We are the team behind your leader, enabling them to be great by, through our partners, supporting training, ticketing systems, workforce management and quality.

From advice to execution, we have the ability, desire and expertise you need to build your customer experience team for scale.


What We Do


We create the processes and implement the systems you'll need for a customer experience team that scales.

We work across many verticals to build a unique customer experience that resonates with your customers. Our approach includes systematized discovery, documentation and deployment strategies that include teaching people how to be great at servicing your customers. We lean more on expertise, less on theories. With a combined 50+ years across the customer experience space, we've earned that right. Our goal is to blend in with and become an extension of your organization. All of our clients get the benefit of our many partnership relationships, which include savings on tools and resources you were going to purchase anyway. Why not save with us and have us advocate for you?


We call this area of our team Learning & Development. Side-by-side training will break down quickly, not to mention it only teaches the styles and ways of the person you sit them next to. We learn your company, document your processes and develop training FOR YOU that allows your team to start work on any day, at any time, with very little instruction required.

Workforce Management

Getting the right people in place when your customer expects them to be available is an actual practice. You're not crazy if you're spending too much time managing schedules and missing opportunities to connect with your customer.

Ticketing System 

Whether you're using Zendesk, Gorgias, Freshdesk, Kustomer or any other ticketing system available, what it comes down to is HOW you're using this tool. Sometimes, we forget that the "how" is the system, and the "what" is up to us. We can work with you to define the processes and workflows that keep response times down, and enable your agents to be able to easily support your customers. 

Omnichannel Structure

The key to great customer experience includes allowing your customer to connect with you when and how they want. Your ticketing system is one part of this. We take it a step further by checking into your telephony setup, social media for customer service tools, communication channels and resources.

Help Centers

Help Centers or FAQ pages aren't just for customers. This can be a great resource for your customer service team to have the ability to search current events across the company, as well as have "how to" procedures and process documentation at their finger tips.

We also create the traditional Help Centers for customers, which can reduce your inbound request rate.

Staff Augmentation

Finding amazing customer service leaders can be tough. It sometimes feels like all the good ones are taken. As you look for the right fit long term, you can leverage our leadership to help you keep things moving. We're not managers in the traditional sense, but we are strategic support to ensure your channels are covered, and your customers are serviced.

Consulting and Advisory

Sometimes, you have the people in place; they just need a bit of guidance. We offer coaching for leaders within CX looking to get to the next level. We've also found this option works well when the CX leader already reports directly into the CEO, but wants or needs to be coached or developed more for either Manager, Director or VP level.

System Implementation

Are you adding new tools to your CX team or is the company deploying new tools and you're not sure how this will effect your CX team?


We know how to package new systems in a way that makes it simple for CX to take on as the company evolves and changes, 


Leader in place, just not experienced in said area.


Leader in place, possibly experienced, but needs plan, process or priorities set.


Leader in place, but not enough bandwidth to execute.


No leader in place, complete ownership and execution of project.

Why you need us


Under the strategic guidance of Ty Givens (20+ years in Customer Experience), we help companies mature, improve and scale their customer experience operations. We make it possible for smaller companies to compete with the big guys (or gals).

Contact Centers that are ready to scale meet the following criteria:

  • Processes and polices are documented and are available on demand to their employees.

  • Customers can self-serve if they want to.

  • Training is available on demand and includes not only how to do the work (for CX), but how to work at that company (culture).

  • Hiring plans are available up to 12 weeks out.

  • Ticketing systems and other tools used for communication are optimized and where possible, speak to one another, reducing both employee and customer effort.

Build your Customer Experience for scale
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