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It's official!

The Workforce Pro is now

CX Collective


Why did the name change? 

Our CX expertise has grown, our strategies have expanded. With more team members, we’re able to dedicate more hours per project, providing full programs with pinpoint details that allow you to have a safe space to collect data, assess action, and even take a pause along the way.


Our additions bring CX experts with specialized skill sets, scaling the CX experience for our clients like never before.

What is CX Collective? 

We’re subject matter experts and advisors to companies who want to improve and scale their Customer Experience. We know first hand, our prospective clients want to scale but might lack the internal knowledge and experience to really know how. That’s where CX Collective comes in.


So what does this all mean for you?

Simply and profoundly put, we’re offering our services at a much lower entry point. With our new website being live, our name change is official, our old email addresses will be going away by the end of October 2022.

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