The Powerhouse Method gives us the needed advantage to create customized, yet systematic approaches to building and scaling customer experience operations for you.

We offer 6 different programs (when combined makes up Powerhouse CX), all done for you by The Workforce Pro Team.

We know that setting up CX Operations takes many roles and different skills that most people have never heard of. We offer the results you'd get from staffing those roles which gives you the advantage to scale as quickly as possible, for far less money.

We've created Customer Experience Operations for B2B, B2C and Ecommerce companies all over the world with a goal of bridging the gap between Customer Experience as a concept and customer experience in reality

Retain your customers. Keep your employees. Grow your business.

The Workforce Pro sets up and scales Customer Experience (CX) Operations for customer-centric companies of all sizes using our Powerhouse Method.

Let's get you to Powerhouse Status

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The Powerhouse Method

The Powerhouse Method is designed for you if you know employees are the backbone of excellent customer experiences. People are your most expensive resource, and we've found a way to deliver the results without the headcount. 


We also know that most CX teams operate on champagne taste with beer money, and keeping control of your brand is the number one priority.

When you're at Powerhouse Status:

  • You're providing your employees and partners with the resources they need to exceed customer experiences every. single. time,

  • You're creating data that tells a story,

  • You're consistently improving cross functional communication, and

  • You're developing subject matter experts.

We fully believe all companies, regardless of size should be able to  to deliver Powerhouse Customer Experiences.

pow·er·house/ˈpou(ə)rˌhous/noun: a person or thing of great energy, strength, or power.


What is Powerhouse CX?

Powerhouse CX is a 16 to 24 week program, created by Ty Givens, who's one of the most sought after strategists for contact centers. This program was developed from a wish list Ty started years back when scaling customer experience operations for some of LA's fastest growing startups. She continues to add to this list to this very day. 

Imagine this: Customer Experience set up and built for you. Your company doubles in size, and everything still works. You hit a growth spurt and you can hire many people for CX at once. They all learn to do the work, they all learn about your culture. That's what we do.

Essentially, Powerhouse CX consists everything needed to set up and scale Customer Experience Operations, and it's done for you.

The Powerhouse CX program includes all of the following (though each program is a stand alone project):

  1. Powerhouse Workflows

  2. Powerhouse Quality

  3. Powerhouse Customer Engagements

  4. Powerhouse Planning

  5. Powerhouse Training

  6. Powerhouse Coaching

Powerhouse Workflows
We help you set up an organizational structure and workflow for your customer experience team.
Powerhouse Quality
We have partners that offer full scale Quality Assurance for you.
Powerhouse Customer Engagements
We'll set up, improve and maintain Zendesk for you.
Powerhouse Planning
We will make sure you know how many people you need and when you need them.
Powerhouse Training
We will create custom customer experience training for your team.
Powerhouse Coaching
We coach your leader to Powerhouse CX status, and help them through leading for scale.


This is the perfect starting point, if you're not sure where to begin.

Powerhouse Workflows is a 4 to 6 week project where we dig into how you're doing your CX work today, and how you SHOULD BE WORKING TO SCALE. When it comes to customer experience, most don't know where to start. In fact, many don't know the difference between pain points and necessary evils. This is LITERALLY what we do, day in an day out. 
We will hand over a plan for you to execute which includes:

Roadmap: what to do and when to reach the desired result.


Role review and org structure recommendation: roles you'll need to fill, or reallocate to reach your goals.


Gap analysis: your tools vs others that render better results.


Don't wait until you start losing customers to improve their experience.

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