The Workforce Pro Apprenticeship

Ideal Candidate Profile

Customer Service Operations person (can be a current manager), who has or has had the following responsibilities:

  • Administering customer support tools (Zendesk, Freshdesk, etc)

  • Predicting workload and estimating staffing needs

  • Scheduling a team of support people

  • Identifying opportunities to improve and creating solutions for those opportunities for a team.

  • Growing or scaling a CX team from few to many in a short amount of time


What would you be doing?


The job description is so broad, it doesn't actually exist. The requirements can be as simple as reply to this client, set up this workflow or help me find pictures to fit this brand. It can be almost anything. So the ideal person has to be flexible and have the ability to juggle multiple expectations at once. So, if you’re not interested in the undefined. This isn’t for you.


What’s most important?

No one knows what they’re doing, but thank goodness there’s Google. You have to be RESOURCEFUL. This is probably the number one attribute I’m looking for in someone. Don’t know how to do it? Google it. Don't have an answer? Find one. Got a problem? Find a solution. No training? Create it. THAT is what makes you marketable. If you’re afraid to trailblaze, this isn’t for you.


Social media and texting has taken away the art of using full words and sentences. This practice is called writing. If you think it’s okay to use the letter “n” and the number “2” instead of writing the word “into”. This isn’t for you. I try to embrace the new, but basic writing etiquette is not the place I want to start. If you’re not a fan of the little things: punctuation, grammar, syntax… I thank you for reading up until this point.


If you don't like doing those “Spot the difference” memes/activities. This isn’t for you. We spend all of our time making sure that everything looks great for our clients. If you don’t notice when a comma is used instead of a period, or if you just want to copy and paste things, sorry… I’m looking for someone different. If you’re not into formatting content and messages so that they’re aesthetically pleasing and properly curated, then we may not be a good fit for each other.


If you’re not a quick study, meaning you require hand holding, constant guidance or anything of the sort, I’m the wrong person to work with. I can do the work of 2 to 3 people and to do that, I need for anyone who works with me to be autonomous. Of course, I will help if you need me, but I need to know that you’ve taken initiative first. If you want to know what that means, check out the section above where I highlight the word RESOURCEFUL.


If you’re not literal, I’ll drive you crazy. Communication matters to me so much. I am so literal. If you have something to complete, mark it as complete when it’s done, not when you’re about to finish. I know, I’m weird. That matters. If you’re communicating with me, use proper nouns. No pronouns and if you don’t know the difference… be on time, be efficient. I make use of every second of my day, you should too. If something won't happen when expected, say so as soon as you know. I only like good surprises.


If your goal in life is a big title, without the accomplishments, keep on moving… don't stop. I have dealt with title inflation both as an employee looking to hire and as a resource to my clients. Companies are quick to throw around big titles to keep people interested..


Unfortunately, when you go to market to find your next opportunity and the company is searching for a Director of Customer Service and you had that title, but you’ve never created processes, built a organization, set up onboarding and training processes, performed a termination, introduced a Quality Assurance program and you can’t do a workload and headcount forecast, you will quickly find that that title didn’t serve you (also these are all things you will learn working with me).


I’ve spent two decades growing my title only to find that the best one that fits is auntie, sister, daughter, cousin and my favorite: grand daughter…  Work is what I do, it’s not who I am. If you care a lot about a title, this won’t work for you.


However! When you’re ready to move on (and I fully support anyone moving on to the next thing that’s right for them), I will gladly give you a title that will help you achieve your next level and goals, but also fairly and accurately depicts the work we’ve done together… which brings me to my next point:


If you don’t want to build your resume, I assure you, this is not the place for you. My goal is to help someone who was essentially me early in my career. If you’re tired of hearing that you don’t have the experience to get where you want to go, this may be the place for you. I believe in letting people grow and learn and stretch out. I love working with people who can define processes and point out things I can’t see. 


There are hammers and there are nails. Nails will do what they’re pushed to do. Hammers do the pushing. I need a hammer.