The Beauty-FULL Customer Experience

Beauty brands hire us to set up and scale customer experience (CX) operations for them. We've designed a program that scales support efforts and creates brand enthusiasts in both employees AND customers.

Featured twice in, we're the go to CX partner for brands like The Detox Market, Ilia Beauty, and Thrive Causemetics to name a few.

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Make today the last day you're unsure of how to keep your online beauty customers engaged and satisfied.

Why you need us


You need an online support strategy.

"One of the biggest adjustments that you have as you become a DTC brand is to make sure you have resources to allocate to a launch or campaign, and the expertise to back it. This was our most inclusive launch, but also very personal, so helping people find their formula over email, chat and virtually had to be done effectively, and that became even more important once Covid hit.” 
Lynda Berkowitz, CEO of Ilia Beauty


You need to make your online experience feel personal.

"Though clean color brands are booming comparatively to overall makeup sales — prestige makeup was down 22% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2020, according to NPD — store re-openings remain fragmented, which is impacting all beauty brands."

Pria Rao for


Your customer is knowledgeable. Your employees have to be more knowledgeable.

"They’ve compelled consumers to understand how a product is created and who it ultimately benefits. This has meant much longer call times and deeper conversations, but it’s extremely hard to train a customer service rep on the ins-and-outs of something like phthalates when they don’t have an innate passion for it."

Ty Givens, Founder of The Workforce Pro


The Workforce Pro

We're a Los Angeles based boutique agency that works with customer centric companies all over the world to set up and scale customer experience operations.

We've created Customer Experience Operations for B2B, B2C and Ecommerce companies of all sizes, all over the world with a goal of bridging the gap between Customer Experience as a concept and customer experience in reality.

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"They [The Workforce Pro] develop a plan of action for us, implement it, and provide training, so we can move with confidence."

- CEO of Wig Studio 1

Our Process

While our process is systematic, the program is customized specifically for YOUR brand. No two beauty brands are alike. Trust that your secrets are secure with a mutual NDA. We will never tell what makes you, you... or them, them. Integrity above all.

Discovery Call

  • Fit Assessment

  • Pain Point Review

  • Program Overview

  • Enrollment Requirements

End Result

Optimization Quote


Four to Six week engagement where we learn your vision and get hands on with how you're working today. When this process is complete, you'll have a roadmap you can use to implement the changes with or without us.

End Result

  • Assessment of people (roles, not performance), process and technology.

  • Improvements needed to reach your goals.

  • Recommendation for program length and pricing (when completed).


  • 3, 6 or 12 month plan

  • Tech Implementation

  • Employee Hiring and Training

  • Quality Assurance Program (partner-led)

End Result

Execution of your roadmap, plus any add on's requested.

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