Start coaching in 1:1s and holding group meetings to share business wide updates.

Learn to become a Customer Experience leader (manage a LOT of people)

Learn to keep your team informed on cross functional updates as needed.
Defined escalations process.
Staffing plan that shows your budget and hiring needs for the next 12 months.



Let's get you to Powerhouse Status

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Can you relate?

You're new to the role of a manager and you just don't know where to start when it comes to managing people.

We will help you learn to tell a story with data. It's important to measure employee performance and customer expectations.

There's information coming at you from all directions and you're trying to determine what to share with your internal and external teams, and how often.

We will help you learn to communicate effectively. This will also benefit you as you grown your career.

Your customers are waiting too long and you're not sure where the issue lives. Your boss won't let you hire, and you think your team is doing all they can, but you're not sure.

We will show you how to take ownership of your CX budget and gain the trust of your leader to hire when you need to. We will also help you create the justifications for staffing that will get the resources you need.



Working under a leader who has no idea what you do can be frustrating for both of you. We will help you communicate your needs, show your skill and manage up better.

Let's get you to Powerhouse Status

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