Don't let the company outgrow your CX Leader... Give them what they need to get to the next level.

Customer Experience Guidance for new Managers

Program led by Ty Givens, Founder & CEO of the Workforce Pro.


Benefits for actual CX Managers

You’ll be set up for the best possible success in your role. We will teach you (essentially) how to become a manager. There are many facets within CX that you may or may not realize are your responsibility. 


Our goal is to work with you to help you launch your leadership career. There’s a strong change (depending on the size of your company), that there’s no one in the company who can guide you as you become a customer service leader. With our help, you'll be able to better justify your needs and learn to communicate requirements to your manager and finally get results.


Our training will help you prepare for the role you have, and the roles you can have in leadership in the future.

Benefits for people who manage CX Leaders 

We’ll save you time by helping your CX leader gain their footing as a new manager. With our training, they’ll gain the insights needed to make decisions that drive your business forward. Conversations will shift from “what should I do” to “here’s what’s been done”.


Also, take advantage of the opportunity to provide us with the candid feedback on where you’d like to see improvement and we will turn that into action.


  • Week 1-2: Communication and Translating business plans

  • Week 3-9: People Management

  • Week 10 -14: Getting a handle on your technology.

  • Week 15 - 19: Demand Planning

  • Week 20 - 24: Creating and leading based on KPIs

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Please note: Information on details related to your actual promotions and sales are not discussed. these may be captured i the workbooks, but this information is only available to The Workforce Pro and the student who owns the workbook.