Training from Google Docs isn't the way to go. Introduce a real on-boarding experience to your new hires and keep them much longer.

If any of the following describes your business, you're in the right place:

  • Employees are at different parts of the learning curve.

  • Processes are inconsistent, and so is the Customer Experience.

  • The thought of having to hire more than 2 people at a time gives you crazy anxiety.

Learning and Development focuses on preparing your employees to engage with Customers, and each other.

Setting up a proper on-boarding experience leads to more satisfied and engaged employees. A study showed that 33% of employees look for a new job within the first 6 months due to a poor on-boarding experience. This number could be higher in Contact Centers, where the turnover rate can hover in the 60s. The cost of hiring goes up significantly.


You'll also see consistent treatment of your Customers resulting in fewer escalations to leadership and fewer contacts from the same person. This reduces your cost per contact.

Finding the right training method will help create your learning strategy. You may opt for e-learning, recorded or instructor led training delivery. Materials will need to be created and maintained, and your course(s) should also include quizzes, or some way to verify that knowledge is being retained.

Types of Training we offer

  • New Hire On Boarding (for all employees)

  • How to do the Work (Teach people their jobs)

  • Culture training (How to work at your company)

  • Others as needed

We can turn your current content into e-learning, or help you build your training from scratch.

e-learning: Make all of your training available on demand. Give everyone the same learning experience. Make learning fun, fast and engaging.

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