Customer Engagements

Know how many emails, calls, live chats and social messages you receive daily.

Know how long it takes to do the work (also known as handle time) for all channels.
Automatically assign work to your employees.
Complete internal and external knowledge base for employee and customer self service.
Set up your Help Center or Knowledge Base

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Can you relate?

Lay a foundation for Quality Assurance with a ticketing system. When properly set up, you’re able to not only quantify your customer engagements, but you can also measure your employee performance when set up properly.

Great workflows will help you to reduce manual efforts, increasing the time your team spends facing customers helping with thought provoking and challenging questions.

Powerful Customer Engagements also includes Help Centers where you customers can get answers to their questions while you’re sleeping, essentially moving you to 24/7 support.  

  • Turn emails into tickets and track time from creating to solution.

  • Deflect questions by using a Help Center to answer common questions asked by your customers.

  • Introduce workflows that automate updates, remind your team to follow up and close out unnecessary tickets for you.

  • Get the foundation for quality by quickly identifying the owner of messaging, for quick corrections, or kudos.

Automation saves tons of time and reduces new messages from customers by providing updates as information changes, with no effort from you. You can also automate certain aspects of your work.

We can set this up from you. We've reduced customer wait times by 65% with the right suite of automations.

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