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About Us

It's all about the Customer Experience

We're a Los Angeles based boutique agency that works with customer centric companies all over the world to set up and scale customer experience operations.

We've created Customer Experience Operations for B2B, B2C and Ecommerce companies of all sizes, all over the world with a goal of bridging the gap between Customer Experience as a concept and customer experience in reality.

We're best known for our Powerhouse CX Program that sets up contact centers for scale. Obviously, part of that offering is a ticketing system that will scale with you.


Whether you've purchased Freshdesk already or you're just thinking about it, we can take you from purchase through implementation.


Our implementations are usually a short-term project lasting 4 to 6 weeks. 

Our Freshdesk Setups include:

  • Optimized workflows.

  • Agent training on new workflows and systems.

  • Up to 2 weeks available via Slack for how to questions and quick modifications.

The key to a great Freshdesk is in the maintenance. Whether you choose to hire or assign maintenance activities to an internal resource, or outsource the work, it is critical to your success.

We offer Freshdesk maintenance which includes scheduled maintenance with the option to work with us as your support team. We're able to resolve most issues and if we can't, we will work with Freshdesk on your behalf and keep you focused on your work.



“Tickets now are being solved much more easily, and there are also tools in place for customers to find answers for themselves, all thanks to The Workforce Pro’s efforts. Their founder’s direct involvement, attention to detail, and overall speed led to top-notch results.”

The Detox Market

“Thanks to the Workforce Pro's work, we were able to handle 50% increase in their ticket volume. Overall, the team has an effective workflow.”