Customer Experience expertise available to help you with various projects.

Leverage our trainer to help you create curriculum or document processes.
We will fill in to help you keep the daily operations rolling when you lose key leadership.
We're always down for a custom project based on your particular needs... let's scope it!



Get access to our partnerships for savings of up to 20%. 
Assistance negotiating terms and contracts with various vendors.


Customized just for you

Ty Givens created The Workforce Pro based on her learnings while building and scaling customer experience operations for some of LA's fastest growing startups. She created a wish list while facing crazy expectations backed against insane deadlines, with little to no money to invest in resources. It was then that she decided all companies, regardless of size should be able to deliver powerhouse experiences to their customers.

Help setting up CRM (from someone who has used it to support a large team before).

Training development and maintenance. At the time, they were hiring 30+ people per month.

Unbiased quality checks. Leads were giving passes to their friends and/or basing results on the person's personality, not the company persona.

A way to estimate how many people are needed and when, to avoid over or under hiring.

Leadership development for new leaders. There was a deep desire to promote from within, but not enough time to develop the skills needed.

Let's get you to Powerhouse Status

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