Implementation Services

Ticketing systems are a way of life in contact centers and customer experience. How else will you measure the work done, estimate your workload, deflect contacts and automate parts of your business processes?

What's included in our Implementation Services?

We're customer experience people who implement customer experience tools and processes. We're not Marketers seeking to solve a gap in the CX space. We're not developers who are looking to make a quick dime.
We are the people who actually do the work within CX operations. There's no skimping here. We get our hands dirty.
Back in the Thrive Market days, when the team was at over 100 people and had grown there within 9 months, one thing that would've made life easier is someone who knew how to set up the ticketing system AND could train the employees. 
Finally, a solution: Powerhouse Customer Engagements

Before we go there...

Have you selected a ticketing system yet? If not, we can help you choose the best one for your business. We don't focus only on what's happening now, we think about how you'll function when your team double, triples even. In some cases, we can pass on savings, and we will where we can.
We're implementation and resell partners for Zendesk, Freshdesk and Gorgias (choose one to learn more).

What's included in our implementation package?

Automatically, you'll get your email configured, optimized workflows, system usage best practices, agent training, integrations to your CRM and other tools as needed. Custom implementations start at $2,500.
You can add on additional channels like live chat, phone, social and your Help Center.
Note: we don't do the CSS to customize help centers, but we will match your branding with the standard design.

How long will we work together?

Our implementation timeline is about 4 weeks, from requirements to go live. Because we want you to love your new ticketing system, we throw in two free weeks of our Advanced Maintenance Managed Service, where you can request edits and changes to your current configuration via Slack and get adjustments within a business day most times (unless otherwise stated).

Just need a quick fix?

We understand that sometimes, you'll need help with just one thing, not a project, not a process, just a quick fix.

We offer a One Thing service that allows you to request support on an issue by a specific date, or schedule time to meet virtually to address your concern.

Note: One Thing Offers also include Ticketing System edits and fixes.


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