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Customer Experience Leadership Development

A six-month program designed to help newly promoted, or first-time customer experience managers soar.
No one understands the role of the customer experience leader like we do. 

CX leaders have so many pieces to juggle and those who don’t work in our world, simply don’t understand. We have to be in the past,  present and future all at once... and we're also more than leaders, we're mentors because our teams are usually made up of people who are new to the workplace.


We’re here to be a support system to fellow CX leaders, and make you look like the genius you are, in front of your boss and the rest of the company.

If you have 2 hours a week, we can give you back at least 4 hour by eliminating guesswork alone when it comes to planning for the holidays.


We’re introducing a 6 month training program designed to help new managers learn to do the job of the customer experience manager.

Starting October 5, 2020

Our workshop is six weeks long and ends the week before Black Friday. Serendipitous, we think! You’ll be working with Ty Givens


Ty Givens is the founder and CEO of The Workforce Pro, the leader in contact center success solutions. Her strategic guidance played an integral part in the global success of Thrive Market, Your Super, Ilia Beauty and ShoeDazzle.


Givens is known for her ability to save clients millions in revenue, improve call answer rates by over 40% and increase productivity by over 30%. She is a trusted advisor to many high-profile clients within the e-commerce, healthcare and retail spaces, making her one of the most sought-after strategists for contact centers. 

"At [company removed], Ty initially hired me. It was immediately clear to me that Ty had a rare and innate sense of what was right for the customer, for the company and for the CX employee. What is most striking about Ty is that she has both an ability to empathize and also strategize and execute quickly. Not only that, but Ty is an incredible mentor for members of CX across all roles. She is able to motivate those around her to do better and join in her vision of doing right by the customer which serves any business. She is able to create a strategic vision, produce incredible amounts of work, inspire the team, and the rest of the company to work for customers. This skill makes Ty an asset to any company. I’ve seen her do this in her capacity as a consultant, which is a remarkable feat in itself."

-Melissa Joffe


What's in it for you?

So often, we see the most thorough or helpful employee get promoted to Customer Experience (or Service) Manager with no training or guidance. Even the person who promoted them, doesn’t know their work, how to manage them or develop them along this path. Turnover is so high for this role because the expectations are not realistic and the person in the role doesn’t actually understand their scope, span of control or even what it means to be a manager. We will teach you what it means to lead Customer Experience,


We’re now offering a 6 month program created for the newly promoted CX manager. This program is a win win for the employee and the person managing the CX manager. 


Wins for the new manager:

  • Increased confidence in facing the challenges of the role.

  • Support in decision making at a tactical level (some foresight for strategy will be included, but we know that most CX managers are not responsible for strategy).

  • Guidance in managing the day to day. We will answer the question: what should I be doing everyday?

  • Mentorship and coaching on how to performance manage, have difficult conversations and the anatomy of 1:1s and team meetings.

  • Tools to approach building the team for scale.


Wins for the manatee of the new manager:

  • Relief of knowing your CX leader is being developed by one of LA’s most sought after CX strategists.

  • If enrolled in 1:1 coaching, the opportunity to get monthly updates on progress, and add your directional influence on the development of your employee.

  • Shift from “what should I do” to “here’s what I’ve done”.

  • Less time for you to spend managing escalations.

"Having Ty is like being in the movie, Nanny McPhee. Nanny McPhee is someone who comes to take care of some kids in a really disastrous home that has no rules and ends up completely changing their lives. In the end everyone is happy, but Nanny McPhee has to leave, making everyone very sad. This is how it feels to have Ty- she comes, she fixes everything, and then she leaves when the team is thriving. We were a hyper growth startup and the CX team had not really been a priority. We were living in google docs and sheets and didn’t keep track of anything. Our systems were a huge, expensive mess. We had three live channels that didn’t communicate with each other at all and we were not documenting a thing. Our team was where a self starter would thrive, but, unfortunately, it left a lot of work on the plates of three or four people while the other 20 breezed through the day. Ty changed everything.The nature of what we did was very complicated and she was not afraid to dive in and shake things up. She started by breaking our team into smaller teams that focused on key parts of the job and held people accountable for their work. She updated our systems to start tracking and documenting our interactions with customers. She questioned everything we did to make sure we were being as efficient as possible. Ty gave us the tools we needed to be a successful CX team and, most importantly, we all trusted her. Everyone started working together to make sure we were sharing responsibilities. We became so efficient, people were able to take on special tasks to learn a new skill or create training documents for new hires. We hated to see her go, but she set us up to continue to grow and gave us the foundation and confidence to be the goal achieving, customer retaining, kick ass CX team we were always meant to be. We miss her so much!"

-Chris Mitchell


How does it work?

What’s included in the program?

  1. People Management: 1:1s, coaching, motivation.

  2. Communication: taking business plans and translating them into action for the front line.

  3. Ticketing system maintenance for leaders.

  4. Creating and leading based on KPIs (key performance indicators).

  5. (Basic) Demand Planning: Forecasting, Scheduling (can be challenging to transfer knowledge, if you don’t do well with Excel and formulas, also offered as an ongoing support option with TWP).

How long is the program?

The program is about 6 months long. Every 2 - 4 weeks we will shift focus to a new area. At the end of our time together, you should be ready to lead on your own.


How often are the sessions?

We will meet once a week for up to 2 hours to go through the lessons. At the end of each lesson, you will be given action items to complete before we meet again. We will be able to monitor your progress through your workbook., and you’re free to submit questions there as well. 

One on one development includes access to Ty via Slack which can really feel amazing when you have just a quick question or need a sanity check.

Sharing your information does not automatically enroll you in the course.

If your physical address is listed, we will provide you with a proposal, including pricing within 1 business day, Accepting that proposal will secure your space for 2 business days. Payment received means you're enrolled.

We want you to LOVE your learning experience. Transferring knowledge to you matters first and foremost. To be sure we can really engage with each student, we will be limiting all group sessions to 4 attendees. We will run only 2 group sessions every 6 months.

1:1 sessions are available and new sessions will begin every 3 months. Our first session starts in October 2020. The next sessions will begin in January 2021.

Contact us

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