Predict your workload and people needed to do the work.

Get a budget completed for you for up to 1 year out.
Employee schedules based on customer expectations.
Work activities planned to keep you responding within service level.



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Can you relate?

You may think you can have one person on live chat, emails, phones and social at  the same time, but you can't. In fact try it! As you're reading this page, try and send a text and reply to a Slack. How did that go for you?

You should only have one live channel (chat, phones or social) at  a time and fill in the rest with emails. If you've tried this, you've realized you've left pockets of your day without coverage. That's because you need a workforce management plan to cover your work day based on when contacts come in.

We can create a schedule that considers this for you.

There's a term for expected absences where employees are still paid. It's called Shrinkage. Shrinkage should be calculated into your staffing needs, with a consideration for holidays.

We will get you a plan for holidays: open or close? Full or partial staffing? All day or half day?

Customer Experience is almost always on... we do our best to give your employees a way to plan their lives by predicting coverage needs for you by holiday.

Knowing what's to come is key to predicting the costs. We focus on a measurement called cost per contact (CPC) and we will show you how much you're spending to support your customers. 

Looking ahead, we can get you a monthly estimation that shows expected work, number of people needed to do the work, cost of your tech and salaries.

Let's get you to Powerhouse Status

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