What's included?

Setting up Zendesk shouldn't be hard to learn, or difficult to do.

We've designed a playbook to guide you through setting up Zendesk, and introduce you to a work flow that will reduce customer wait time by up to 90%.

//50 total interactive pages (that you will breeze through).

A full set up will take 3-4 hours for 5 users.

//12 hands on activities that show you how to configure Zendesk yourself.

The biggest challenge with building Zendesk is knowing WHAT to do. We will walk you through activities that will lead to ensuring the best Zendesk setup for you.

//4 downloads for Zendesk Best Practices (sample messages for your customers, screenshots on how to set up triggers, automatons views and ticket fields).

All guess work is removed, as we give you downloads with relevant information you will need. We go a step further than how to do it, we tell you what to do.

//FREE ebook (value $39) we created that shows our standard approach for setting up Zendesk Support, Chat and Talk.

About 30 pages of our best recommendations for building a scalable Zendesk.

Go to Zendesk Playbook ($179)
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Based on dozens of implementations

Get started right away.

No Training Required!

5 star-rating

Easy hand off, if you want us to take over.

It's not you, it's SaaS.

Software as a service (especially software sold as easy to set up) is, well... difficult to set up. We've found most of the challenges don't live in the articles and help center (those are usually great), it's in knowing WHAT you should be doing for YOUR particular instance. If we pride ourselves on one thing, it's easy to use guides, resources and tools. 

In working with many different companies, we find that the one thing that will make everyone's lives easier are learn as you go tutorials.

There's nothing wrong if you aren't up and running with Zendesk in hours, you hadn't met us yet. We know the secret to a successful set up is knowing WHAT to do to get started quickly. And as you've likely already experienced, knowing where to begin is ROUGH!

​Setting up Zendesk exposes gaps in your workflows like crazy! We know... we've done it a time or few dozen. But what we also know is most people want to know HOW to set up on their own, and the training just feels like it takes two months past forever. If you're anything like any of our clients, you were hoping to get the benefit of Zendesk in the same day! Now you can!

Go to Zendesk Playbook ($179)

Available Anytime. Self-paced.

See the Playbook in Action.

Go to Zendesk Playbook ($179)


The Workforce Pro was very patient and prescriptive in helping me understand the challenges I was facing with my reporting. Thanks for being a great teacher!"

Jeff D.

"Thanks to the Workforce Pro's work, we were able to handle 50% increase in ticket volume. Overall, the team has an effective workflow."

Gosha K.

"For our Zendesk implementation, The Workforce Pro was the perfect person for the job. She helped us organize our thinking, work through the complexity of the system and keep us on track for a timely and robust implementation. With Ty's help, we were able to save our internal team's time and also implement a better version of the platform. Highly recommend her services."

Brant H.