How To Quantify Why Customers Reach Out

Creating actionable reporting around your contact center can be difficult to do. Add to that the need for a foundation for your training program and you now have a riddle on your hands. In this quick, digestible read, I’m going to walk you through 4 questions you need to ask, if you want to produce actionable reporting on your customer experience, and lay a foundation for training.

Executives want to know what drives customers to reach out, why and is this avoidable? Now you can tell them.

How did the customer come in (which channel)?

The channel defines how the customer contacted you. Channels include email, phone, live chat, SMS/text or social media. This is important because different channels require different staffing strategies (some, less expensive than others). Having this information will also help you to understand which channel your customer favors, perhaps that’s where you’ll want to staff up.

What did the customer need?

This is where you will understand what drove the customer to reach out to you. Knowing this will help you to determine if there are any changes that need to be made to how you’re presenting information. You will also find a wealth of knowledge here around possible ways to improve upon your self service tools.

Some examples include: update account information, cancel and order, unsubscribe to emails, returns or exchanges or problems with deliveries.

Why did they need to reach out?

Here’s where you’ll find out where your pain point or necessary evil lies. Sometimes you can fix the issue and sometimes you have to live with it. At minimum, you need to understand the volume and the financial impacts requests have on your business.

Using a few of the examples above, they may reach out because they’re not able to edit their own account details, or cancel an order without help from your CX team. As a rule of thumb, transparency matters a great deal. If you can’t cancel orders, state that explicitly, no use in wasting the customers' time and yours.

How did we solve the problem?

The solution will support your training program. Start to think about what’s driving inquiries and what you’re doing to resolve them. Your resolutions will also help you to form better FAQs and Self Service strategies for your customers.. Think about whether or not the outcome you or your team performed could’ve been handled by the customer without you. If it can't be documented without, here lies the foundation for your training.

If you are using a website that has a customer portal and allows customers to manage their own information, let them. Unsubscribing should not be a ticket to CX. It’s pointless, and costs unnecessary money. If a customer needs to start a return and that’s handled via a specific link, supply the link right away and save yourself some time.


Sometimes we work so fast that we don’t take the time to look back and adjust. Being in CX as a leader, especially a first time leader is hard because the business can’t tell you what they want, and you can’t tell the business what it needs… until now.

I hope these nuggets help!

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