Part 1 of 6 (Basic Zendesk Setup): Never miss a ticket again

Circa 2015, our founder was running a large CX team and we were using Zendesk. We were using Zendesk totally wrong, because our views were not set up to support our workflow. She let her “go getter” attitude get in the way of asking for help and I regret that.

My goal is to help and ensure other companies don’t experience the same problems she did. Here’s what I recommend for workflows and views:

  1. Start with Your Unsolved Tickets. This is an out of the box view Zendesk sets up for you that shows all tickets assigned to each user. If you’re using a tool that automatically assigns tickets, THIS is where you will want the tickets to go. Teaching your team to work from this view will also help you reduce cherry-picking behavior. Make sure all tickets that are unsolved show here.

  2. Create a view that shows tickets that are open (whether they’re assigned or not) and have been for some period of time. For us, we usually start with 24 hours, but this can change based on the urgency of your response times, and your specific business. The gal of this view is to ensure no customer is left behind. This one will help to be sure tickets are replied to if the assignee is absent. Think of out of time when agents are out of the office and you’re worried that their tickets will go unattended. Not anymore!

  3. Set up a view that shows New and Unassigned Open tickets. This view will capture all tickets that have come in and those that do not have an assignee that require a reply. Should you decide not to auto assign tickets, this would be the 3rd view your team will work from.

  4. Create a view for all On Hold tickets for leaders (or the team, depending on your level of transparency) and group by assignee. For those with no assignee, take care of them, or assign them to an agent. When they’re assigned, they will show in the agent's Your Unsolved Tickets view.

  5. Create a view for all Pending tickets for leaders (or the team, depending on your level of transparency) and group by assignee. If you follow our workflows, you will know, we recommend automating pending tickets so that you never have to touch them again.

Setting up your views and workflows this way will ensure you ever miss a ticket again. We’ve rolled this workflow out to many of our clients and we’ve seen a reduction in customer wait time for first replies from days (max: 10) to minutes (min: 30).