Part 6 of 6 (Basic Zendesk Setup): Measure customer happiness and educate your team on how to accept

CSAT or customer satisfaction is one of the most common tools for receiving customer feedback. The simplest form of CSAT asks whether or not the customer is satisfied with their experience. The question can be directed towards one’s experience with an agent or overall. Zendesk focuses on the interaction with the agent.

We definitely think CSAT is an important KPI to tell a story about your customer experience. We do recognize however that results can have unintended consequences with your team.

Here are a few common concerns we hear about as it relates to the system set up CSAT:

  1. The results go to the last responding agent, and they weren’t the ones to perform the work.

  2. The customer said they were dissatisfied, but they made it clear that the agent gave great service.

Recommended Fix: Last Responding Agent

Let’s say the agent who solves the ticket is not the agent who previously replied to the ticket. If the rating is going to the last responding agent, it’s likely that you have the Auto-assign to the first email responding agent trigger activated.

Deactivate this trigger and your assignee will not change when a ticket is updated. Or, modify the trigger to include more criteria to avoid disrupting the CSAT rating. Just remember, if disabled, your team will need to click ‘take It” to have the ticket assigned to them.

Recommended Fix: Dissatisfied with outcome, not the agent

Enable satisfaction reasons to determine why a customer is dissatisfied. This will help to ease the concern with your agents on bad ratings. Also, be careful at how you teach your team members to interpret results. Help them to view CSAT as an indicator and nt an attack. Give them space to make recommendations on how improvements can be made as a company to make customers happy. Of course, if the challenge is related to truly a poor one on one experience, there is definitely space for a conversation.

We see CSAT as a way to improve your customer experience. Sometimes silly polices impact the customer’s experience. It’s truly our belief that most people want to deliver a great experience, so we always go into CSAT scores (even individual scores) with the best intention and outcome.