• Ty Givens

Why is turnover so high in Contact Centers?

I’d venture to say Customer Experience (CX) is the most difficult job in the company. Granted, I haven’t worked any other roles, so my view is biased. But for fun, let’s assume I’m right. Imagine coming to work and being held responsible for things you had no control over. Sound like fun to you? It doesn’t end there. In many cases, you’ve voiced your concern to avoid some of these mishaps, and no one listened. That’s the life of CX daily.

Who is the Responsible Party?

Marketing puts out confusing copy to Customers, engagements grow (and not in a good way). The warehouse is days behind on packing orders and Customers want to know: where is my order? The warehouse mispacks orders in haste and items are missing OR, we failed to make the Customer aware they’d be missing items from their order. All of these things cause more contacts, and the person handling the contact is not the person who greenlit the copy nor packed or shipped the order.

We have to deal with feelings and emotions as a result of decisions made by someone who will never talk to a Customer. We must own their mistake, take it on as ours, endure and provide a solution. CX is a selfless role, hence the high turnover (desire to move up or out). When the Customer calls CX, they’re calling the company. The Customer couldn’t care less about who answered the phone. To top it off, the agent has to treat every contact as if it’s new. Never mind this is the 10th message about missed items in the order, they must treat it as if it rarely happens.

How to make Customer Experience feel included:

  • Close the feedback loop. Actually, consider what CX is sharing and prioritize it! I hear so often that CX can’t get the Customer’s needs prioritized. Why are we all here, if not for the Customer?

  • Engage the Tech teams into improving workflows. If CX is taking longer to do work that can be automated, that will result in the need for more people. If you need a way to prove the value of reducing handle time, use our FREE Staffing Calculator to show how few people you would need if you shaved any percentage of your handle time.

  • Make the CX team decision makers. They need to feel some sense of responsibility and have a say so. No one wants to be a punching bag. And let’s be honest, it’s a rare thing for a Customer to call just to say “thank you”… it’s likely because they have a problem. Who resolves that issue? Customer Experience!

I’d love to know your thoughts.

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