Powerhouse Optimization

What is Powerhouse Optimization?

Powerhouse Optimization is a 4 to 6 week engagement with The Workforce Pro where we work go into great detail on your current customer experience operational set up. While hands on, this is the least disruptive service as we do not actively make any changes.

Instead, we learn and observe how you're doing business today. We then compare your current way of working to our Powerhouse CX program workflows and create a gap analysis for you.

The gap analysis will show you what's needed in three areas: people, process and technology.

When all is said and done, you're going to get a road map that either we can implement for you, or you can take on yourself.

"The team has conducted a thorough workflow analysis which has led to a goal-oriented excellence report. These deliverables continue to optimize the organization's workflow in that it is in line with their vision. The client commends The Workforce Pro for being prompt, responsible, and communicative."

Having worked with numerous companies from B2B to B2C, we can tell you how your workflows need to be defined in order to optimize performance.

Any time data is shared (between people, or systems), a workflow occurs. How do your workflows stack up? Are you moving work between entities (departments, people or tech) in a seamless trackable way?

Working Together