What is Powerhouse CX?

Powerhouse CX is a 16 to 24 week program, created by Ty Givens, who's one of the most sought after strategists for contact centers. This program was developed from a wish list Ty started years back when scaling customer experience operations for some of LA's fastest growing startups. She continues to add to this list to this very day. 

Imagine a complete set up or overhaul of your Customer Experience processes that will last when you double in size. 


Help setting up CRMs (from people who have used them to support large team before).


Training development and maintenance. We'll help you prepare to train many people at once.  Our record is a new hire training class of 30 people!


Unbiased quality checks. We'll help you get away spreadsheets, limited checks and biased results to having 100% of your engagements quality checked.


Plans: Hiring and Budgeting. Know how many to hire and when, and save a ton of money (and your sanity).


Leadership development for new leaders. We support promoting from within, but we know there isn't enough time to develop the skills needed. Send them to us!

pow·er·house/ˈpou(ə)rˌhous/noun: a person or thing of great energy, strength, or power.

Let's get you to Powerhouse Status

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