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For us, setting up contact centers is second nature. We get that not too many people nerd out on this the way we do on this. But, for us, it's kind of hard not to. With our background at companies like Intuit (SaaS), Herbalife (MLM), Shoedazzle (Subscription) and Thrive Causemetics (Ecommerce), building for scale us just what we do.
We'll let you in on a secret (that's not so secret), scaling customer experience is a team effort. Don't worry, we're your team.

What's it take to set up CX Ops that scale?

Ticketing System

"What gets measured gets managed."

-Peter Drucker

No one has to know you're using a ticketing system, but you will need it to track and report on customer needs, feedback and engagement.

Tracking is critical for planning purposes. You absolutely CANNOT skip this one.

We call this Powerhouse Customer Engagements


Customer Service is the first job for lots of people looking to begin a corporate career.

Fresh out of college (or not), the workforce is often late teens to early twenties.

You'll have to teach them how to work at your company, do the customer service job, oh... and how to be adults at work.

How many new hires in your CX team will need to be trained? All of them! Can't skip it.

We call this Powerhouse Training


Knowing your workload and how many people you'll need to do the work is critical. Another important point is knowing which roles you will need as you scale.

The most common mistakes we see are forgetting the importance of support roles and functions, planning for other company funded activities and not knowing how much it actually costs to operate CX (in house our outsourced, there's a cost either way).

We call this Powerhouse Planning

Quality Assurance

"Good" and "Great" are relative terms that shouldn't be left up to chance. Quality Assurance ensures you're delivering the experience you think you're giving. 

Think of Chick Fil A. You ask for dipping sauce, they provide it. You say "Thanks.", they say, "My pleasure." That language is not necessarily natural, but it's required.

Quality and Training are partners. Training teaches. Quality verifies.

We call this Powerhouse Quality Assurance

All toghter: Powerhouse Customer Experience Program

Does that seem like light work to you?

Consider this: To hire full time roles to implement and complete all of the roles listed above, you're looking at around $300k per year, and that doesn't include your head of CX!
Partnering with us to set implement the processes and procedures for you will generate an ROI that far exceeds 100%.
"Ty and her SWAT team descend into the heart of companies and transform them from the inside out, with a focus on the human connection that turns customers and users into fans.⁣"
Jasmine Bina, Founder of The Concept Bureau

Don't become overwhelmed.

It can be a lot to take in. Here you thought all of your problems were solved when you hired your customer experience leader, and now they're asking for more budget to help you grow. It's so easy to conceptualize team leads or supervisory roles, but what about administrative roles within customer experience operations?
Listen, not everyone needs everything right now. In fact, if you're generating under $5M in revenue annually, and there's no growth, you can get away with managed services instead of a full Powerhouse CX program implementation. There are options: introduce these solutions one at a time, or go for the Powerhouse In Training Program, which is a year long version of our Powerhouse Program, and geared towards companies generating less than $5M ARR.
You probably recognize you need help, but you're probably thinking: where do I begin?
Take our free assessment. We'll ask you about your current set up as it relates to all areas you'll need within CX to scale. After answering questions, you'll be given a rating for each section. Submit your results, and we will email you a summary of your results. This is a great first step to show you where you could be improving.
If you prefer hands on support, set up a call with us directly to guide you through the assessment AND get a customized list of recommendations from our conversation (value $350). We will spend about 90 minutes together for this engagement.
If you decide to move forward with a Powerhouse Optimization engagement (4-6 week deep dive on your current setup, ways to improve and a road map you can execute), we'll take $350 off with your paid assessment, so essentially it's free.


a person or thing of great energy, strength, or power.

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