Professional Services

No one likes to admit this out loud, but leading Customer Service is hard work. Most companies we've worked with think they have what they need when they hire one manager. What we know is the role of manager can be split into 3 roles, each full time depending on the vastness of your organization, location, growth or all of the above.
We work with clients to help them reach milestones by dropping in to help them scale with a goal of establishing results faster than traditional hires.
Our services are offered on three levels; Guidance, Partnership or Execution (staff augmentation).
Most clients know they need help, but have no clue where to start. We recommend you begin with a Workflow Optimization.

Get an overall assessment of where you are, compared to where you want or need to be. In the end, you'll have a roadmap for execution.

Find out how many people you need to do the work based on current and future workloads.

Teach people what it means to work at your company (culture training) and/or do the work (Customer Service training, including technology and workflows)

Are you delivering the experience you imagine? Quality Assurance will tell you so. Review 100% of your contacts and give action-packed feedback to your team on where to improve.

Modernize your workflows by using or improving on your current ticketing system. We can help you create the best possible experience for your vertical and your client.

Most popular offering, which encompasses all of the above. We work with you for 4-6 months to transform your Customer Experience team before your eyes.