Sometimes you grow so fast that you don't get the time to reflect. Usually, you're in the thick of things, and likely overspending on short term solutions while trying to figure out what to do to turn things around.

Our Optimization offerings will help you to turn things around for your customer. In fact, our work has resulted in a 30%+ increase in productivity!

Get started with a full-Program, or get your results as part of our Services offerings.

Programs are defined as a pre-scoped project, that is customized for you and requires a minimum of 8 hours per week commitment to execute.

Services are retainer (pre-booked) based services that allow you to choose 2 or 4 hours per week to work towards your goal. We can still work through project phases, but it becomes much simpler for you to pivot and make changes to your requirements mid-steam.

Powerhouse Optimization

A look at where you are and where you need to be to scale. Results in a roadmap you cam execute with or without us.

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Powerhouse Backlog Eliminator

Eliminate and reduce your backlog; requires Powerhouse Support (Zendesk) at Partnership level.

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Zendesk Optimization

Revise your Zendesk setup for scale.

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PowerhouseCX Optimization

Revise your CX Operations for scale.

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