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professional services

You don't have to be an expert on contact centers and how they work, because we are. 

The needs for your business will change when you generate your first $1M in revenue, it will change even more as you become a $5M revenue business, and $100M revenue businesses look even different, especially from a customer experience standpoint. 

We'll set you up with operations so efficient, you can double in size and our processes will still work.

managed services

If you can spend without limit, continue hiring people to match the scale of your business.

But we can tell you smart companies hand off tasks they're not experts in. For example: managing your ticketing system, forecasting your workload or scheduling your employees.

At some point, these functions will require a full time person, but until then, why not let us handle it for you?

implementation services

Sure, you were told you can start using your ticketing system out of the box. But the value is in the customization.

Maybe, you've been using it as is all this time, and gaining absolutely no efficiencies what so ever.


We set up ticketing systems that scale. Our clients have reported that they're able to solve 50% more tickets after we set up their ticketing system and help desk. Because we know what it feels like to have a team, we include optimized workflows and agent training too. 

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Professional Services

With a combined 50+ years in customer experience and learning and development, we set up and scale customer experience operations in half the time it would take to source, hire and train new talent. 

Different than a one time hire, we come in as a team to set up and scale CX for you. Our Powerhouse CX program (systematic approach) covers all bases.


Get started with Powerhouse Optimization, see where you stand and decide if you want to implement the full program from there.

Fix My Customer Experience: repair and create efficiencies for an already established team.

Customer Experience Ops Setup: set up customer experience operations for scale.

Implementation Services

We'll take on the responsibility of maintaining and anticipating your needs for your customer experience operations, which allows you to cut your expenses.

Meet with us monthly or quarterly for a quick chat on what's happening within your company that requires adjustments. All adjustments are done for you, and if needed a short training will be made available to your team for up to 60 days.

Ticketing System Managed Services: Zendesk, Freshdesk.

Workforce Management (Planning): Injixo (30+ agents) or General Forecasting and Scheduling  (<30 agents).

Learning & Development: Training and eLearning.

Managed Services

Setting up new systems for you contact center or customer experience operations team can seem simple on the surface. Once you dig in, it starts to make sense that having an expert on your side would make things so much easier.


We specialize in implementing tools like Zendesk and Freshdesk to help you leverage BPA (business process automation), and AI to enhance your customer and employee experience.

All of our implementations include workflows to make your team more efficient and agent training to ease the challenge of transitioning to new tools and processes for your people.

Average time for implementations is about 4 weeks and we include 2 weeks after of on demand edits to your workflows to ensure your satisfaction.

To get started, schedule a discovery call to learn more about our services in depth.


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