Staff Augmentation

Here's the truth of the matter: it's really hard to find good people for your customer service team. It's even more challenging to keep them.

Leverage our Expertise

It'll be easy, they said. You can do it in no time, they fibbed. And now, here you are, growing new gray hairs trying to figure out how to create the best customer AND employee experience at the same time while staying sane.


With more than 20 years in building optimal customer experiences, we know why this happens and we know what you need to do to overcome this hurdle.

Your markup for temps is close to 40%, and once you train them and get them functional, you probably don't need them anymore. Leverage our team, and since we're working internally, we will be able to help build or improve your training, enhance your systems and find other ways to be more efficient, all for a lower price tag.

Choose from 3 options: 4 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours.

We also offer staff augmentation for Learning & Development and Workforce Management.

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