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Dominate Zendesk

Simple and effective workflows + user training for your agents.

We'll set up Zendesk for you and train your employees on it too.

From our experience, 99% of our clients (before us, of course) have not properly configured their customer support workflows. 


Heck, most don’t even know the best ways to use Zendesk. 

What can we do to improve your Zendesk?

We have tons of best practices from eCommerce, B2B and B2C companies that we can use to help you do customer service with Zendesk.

Live Support
Real time screen share and guidance on how to perform various activities, or get advice on how to improve.
(minimum, 1 hour)
Custom Build Out/Repair
End to end set up, including agent training on your new instance. We will leave you with a workbook that teaches you about your configuration.

We specialize in Zendesk Support Suite buildouts.

While we're at it, can we improve your workflows?

Powerhouse Workflows
We'll check out your current setup, and give you both a road map and gap analysis to get you to Powerhouse status! In the end, you can build without us, or let us build for you.
Relax! We got this...

Determine your ideal Zendesk set up based on your account and goals.

We build and test to ensure the experience you desire.

Templates for common messaging used to notify and update customers.

Complete design and development of Zendesk Guide.

Use our unique techniques to create workflows and a system that is easy for you to use.

Recommend and integrate the best Apps to enhance your build out.

Complete design and development of Zendesk Guide. No custom themes.

Most common FAQs for you to ensure you cover all your bases.

Custom Zendesk training, created based on your specific set up and requirements. | (310) 844-1172