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Zendesk Designed and Built out, just for you!

We're your authorized Zendesk Partner focused on simple customer centric workflows.
After seeing tons of set ups, 99% are using Zendesk wrong!

The main thing we are told by clients is that they don’t understand how to get the most of Zendesk and many don’t even know how much more powerful they can make their customer support. You don’t need to be a Zendesk expert or deal with this stress though…


You can have a perfect support workflow that is easy to navigate, has 4x shorter resolution times and allows you to focus on your high level deliverables. It’s simple:


A custom Zendesk build out that makes your business run like a fortune 500 enterprise!


While we don’t specialize in highly technical customizations and build outs, we know what it takes for a 1 or 100+ seat  support to do customer service using Zendesk.

So if you don’t understand it or simply just want an easy set up- we have you covered. Our team has over 20 years of experience in online customer service, working with dozens of startups and established businesses. We have been featured on Forbes, NewsWatch, TechFunnel and we have a perfect 5 star rating online. 


You don’t have to lift a finger, or touch a key to your keyboard. So sit back, crack a beer or brew a warm mug of coffee and let us do it!

"Tickets now are being solved much more easily, and there are also tools in place for customers to find answers for themselves, all thanks to The Workforce Pro’s efforts. Their founder’s direct involvement, attention to detail, and overall speed led to top-notch results."

-Drew Harvey


What's in it for you?

An efficient Zendesk build is the ultimate way to save customers, returns and keep more money in your pocket. Having the proper workflows ensures you never lose business over something that could be saved. 

When we build for you, here's what you get:

  • Get on the same page with you and your requirements 

  • Determine your ideal Zendesk set up based on your account and goals.

  • Use our unique techniques to create workflows and a system that is easy for you to use.

  • Create your tailored customer messaging sequence proven through dozens of successful past clients so you never worry exactly how to handle an issue.

  • We implement your setup and test it so it hits the ground running!

  • Our employee training guide on how to handle any customer support issue (60 days worth of elearning material valued at $[insert price]) so your employees make a seamless transition into the new workflow.

  • Go live and remain available for 2 weeks to help you with anything that arises.


How does it work?

You'll choose the option that's best for you. DIY (October 9, 2020) and Live Help are both available to start anytime. Our DFY service will take about 2 weeks for you to get started.

  • Do it Yourself (DIY), with a guided eLearning on how to build Zendesk Support

  • Live help by the hour, for scenario based guidance and visual walk throughs.

  • Done for You (DFY), we do all the work, including training your team!


Send us a quick note to let us know you're interested. We will discuss options with you and get you started right away.

Thank you for considering us, and we hope to earn your business!

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