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Yes! YOU can configure Zendesk on your own. We will show you how.

Introducing a self-paced guided walk through on how to build Zendesk Support for eCommerce businesses.
After seeing tons of set ups, 99% are using Zendesk wrong!

The main thing we are told by clients is that they don’t understand how to get the most of Zendesk and many don’t even know how much more powerful they can make their customer support.


So if you don’t understand it or simply just want an easy set up- we have you covered. Our team has over 20 years of experience in online customer service, working with dozens of startups and established businesses. 

We have been featured on Forbes, NewsWatch, TechFunnel and we have a perfect 5 star rating online. 


You can be confident knowing you’re taken care of and can sit back, knowing your Zendeskl is going to be ready to go and your employees will make a seamless transition. 

A proper layout needs to be added to your Zendesk, so the systems are easy. A poor support interface and bad ticket system can make basic customer service a nightmare! Slow load times and a poor integration between Zendesk and your website can be the final factor that loses you happy customers and money. 


But things truly don’t have to be that way…


We can help solve this with our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) elearning course that guides you how on to seamlessly do customer support using Zendesk. It is easy to use and focuses on the best features of Zendesk. Ultimately, this means happier customers as your support team can better solve their requests which translates into saved business! 

Starting October 5, 2020

"Tickets now are being solved much more easily, and there are also tools in place for customers to find answers for themselves, all thanks to The Workforce Pro’s efforts. Their founder’s direct involvement, attention to detail, and overall speed led to top-notch results."

-Drew Harvey


What's in it for you?

Our system of creating workflows has greatly reduced issue resolution times and kept customers of our clients satisfied. 


Take a moment to envision a moment in your business where you had an angry customer…


What was that customer feeling? What were you feeling? They were likely upset, confused and frustrated. This translates to unnecessary stress and a worry that you can lose an important account. And not to mention some of the customers you may have lost. 


Having a loyal, happy customer base truly is one of the best ways for long term success with your business. You can feel more energized, content and enthusiastic knowing your support issues are handled and strategized by those with decades of experience and it’s all in one easy to use guide that you can follow along with. 


We pride ourselves on Zendesk making sense and making it user friendly so you don’t miss a beat with your business. And most of all we will offer you our advice and show you new ways to use Zendesk that make your business run like a fortune 500 enterprise! 


If customer retention and even winning new customers over is important to your business, sign up today! Imagine the thousands of dollars of business you’ll be saving by investing a small amount now. 

During your guided session, you'll learn...

  • What you’re missing out on with your current Zendesk set up.

  • The best practices Zendesk insiders know, proven from dozens of case studies from previous clients who have been successful.

  • An easy to use, step by step guide so you can confidently understand what is going on.

  • The secret to organizing support tickets so your employees are always on point.


...and quite a bit more as well!


How does it work?

We'll provide you with a few tools to guide you through the setup.

  • eLearning, which will walk you through the setup.

  • Online workbook used for you to document certain configurations, and details you'll need for communicating with the business.

How long is the course?

The course is self-paced, but you should be able to complete the work in about one week, if you dedicated a few hours per day.

At any point, you can stop and have us take over your build out for you,

Sharing your information does not automatically enroll you in the course, but it will get you a discount. Save 10% when you sign up today.

We will notify you when the course becomes available (October 5, 2020). You will be able to sign up directly and start any time.

Also, our clients receive savings passed on from us to you for Zendesk licenses. Ask us how you can save!

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