Zendesk Optimization

Zendesk Optimization is a 10-step program with key functions performed over several weeks. We will take a deep dive into your current structure and workflows and combine those with our proven efficient set up or your desired out come and help you bridge the gap. We also implement all changes for you.


What we set out to do with each Zendesk Optimization
  • Bridge the gap between now and scalability.

  • Enable you to realize the investment in your Zendesk.

  • Allow you to do more with less

Our Approach to Zendesk Optimization


How do you do your work today?


What does the work flow look like?


What's required to reach your goals?


How do we get your goals met?


How do we manage change as we take you from old to new processes?


What materials are required to transition your team into their new world?


How can we improve and prepare you for change management?


Outcome of the Review period.

Go Live

Changes go live, this includes in trainings or process updates.


Who will be taking over for you long term? What do they need to know?

What's included?

  • Change Management

  • User Training

  • Best practices and how your Zendesk works.

  • Updated triggers and automations.

  • Proper notifications for your customers/clients

  • Customized ticket fields and forms to track your contacts (required for reporting).

  • User and Organization strategy and Schedules

  • Views and Macros

  • Website widget for Support

  • Add on: Guide, Answer Bot (requires Guide), Talk and or Chat

How to Get Started

The first step to working together is to understand your business case and we do this through an Intro call. Once we understand your situation, we will put together a customized service for you and introduce you to the team who would be assisting you on your journey. We don't believe in handing our Clients off to a different team once you're onboarded. The person who helps you understand your solution also sees you through your engagement for as long as you're with us.

To get started, book a call with us, or complete our Intro Questionnaire. After we get to know a bit more about you, you can expect an Exploratory call within about a week. If you have an urgent matter, please call us at (310) 844-1172. We're here for you Monday - Thursday, 9 AM - 5 PM PST.